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Driving instructors

What we're doing to set standards for driver training, including the skills, knowledge and understanding needed, and how we're protecting the public from illegal instructors.

What we're doing to improve the ADI part 2 and 3 tests

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Driver at the wheel on her ADI test, alongside male examiner

As you know, we’ve made changes to the ADI part 3 test to align it with the national standard for driver and rider training and the standards check test. I wanted to update you on the implementation date for the part 3 test and to tell you about changes we’ll be making to the part 2 test.

Top 5 reasons ADIs fail their standards check

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ADI driving whilst sat next to DVSA ADI examiner during a standards check

During your standards check, your examiner will be looking for evidence that you meet the national standards for driver and rider training. I wanted to give you some information on why instructors might fail their standards check, so you can better prepare yourself for your own standards check.