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How we’re dealing with bots and the reselling of driving tests

Driving examiner checking the physical provisional driving licence ahead of a testAs you might know, the high waiting times for driving test appointments have led to a rise in the use of automated bots that exploit the driving test booking service. This can result in the reselling of appointments, often at inflated prices.

In this blog post, I want to explain what bots are, the challenges they pose, and the steps we’re taking to deal with this issue.

Understanding bots

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, ‘bots’ are automated software programs that perform specific tasks over the internet. They’re designed to mimic human behaviour and can be programmed to carry out various actions – including searching for and reserving driving test appointments.

Bots are developed to work at a much faster speed than humans, so they’re an attractive tool for people who want to exploit our systems.

Using bots, organisations can swiftly find and secure available slots more quickly than individual customers.

These organisations will hold on to these test appointments until they can resell them at a higher price. This means that those who are ready to take their test can struggle to find one at a date and time of their choice.

This practice makes it harder for everyone and can lead to people resorting to pay over the odds for an appointment. While this is unfair, it’s not illegal.

Finding ways to stop ever-advancing bot technologies

The challenge for us is to find ways to stop bots from accessing the booking site without affecting genuine learners and ADIs trying to use the service.

We do some basic things that you’d expect, like using a CAPTCHA test to check if a user is human if we suspect it might be a bot.

Example of the CAPTCHA test on the online driving test booking service

We also use other more advanced bot protection measures. We’re not going to go into details of what those are, as that information could help people get around them.

But as we step up our measures, the technologies the profiteers are using continue to advance. They can often be adjusted to get around changes we make.

It’s a difficult balancing act

We work hard to stop bots, and it’s very technical work.

Due to the complexities involved in differentiating between bots and genuine users, there can be times where the steps taken to prevent automated access result in inconveniences for our customers.

A recent change to the service did just this and we know that some of you will have received an ‘error 15’ message when trying to book a test. We are sorry for any inconvenience this caused.

Example of error 15 message from GOV.UK

If you’re experiencing any problems accessing the booking service, there is a list of workaround published on GOV.UK. These are updated if any new errors are reported.

If these workarounds do not help there are details about what to do next on the GOV.UK page.

More protection is coming

We do have some more changes up our sleeves that will support our efforts in making sure the booking process is fair for all.

Again, we’re unable to go in to too much detail as it will give the game away. But please be reassured we are constantly looking for ways to disrupt organisations and people who are using the system unfairly.

Education and communication can help

We understand why people will resort to using services that offer to find cancellations. But we also know that some of these services might collect personal data that learners might not expect or be comfortable with.

It’s important for you to remain vigilant about sharing information as well. The recent phishing email being sent to ADIs shows that you are being targeted as well.

Remember to only share your information if you are 100% certain the person asking for your data is who they say they are. You can find more information about spotting scam emails on the action fraud website.

So it’s really important that learners check the terms and conditions about how their data will be used.

To help raise awareness of the dangers we are:

  • providing comprehensive information and guidance on our official channels, including GOV.UK and our social media platforms through our ‘Ready to Pass?’ campaign
  • working with other organisations such as driving schools, regulatory bodies, and social media influencers to circulate information about the risks of third-party services
  • encouraging learner drivers to report any misuse of their details related to driving test bookings to our data protection manager or the Information Commissioner

By educating learner drivers about the risks of using third-party services, we aim to empower them to make informed decisions and avoid being exploited.

Example of social media messages educating learner drivers about how to book their driving test safely
Example of social media messages educating learner drivers about how to book their driving test safely

We have focused on promoting the use of official DVSA channels for driving test bookings, which ensures a safe and secure process for all learners.

Stopping exploitation of the service for ADIs to book and manage tests

We know that some businesses exploit the system that was designed for ADIs to book and manage driving tests for their pupils.

On 9 January 2023 we introduced stricter terms and conditions for using the service.  We’ve also tightened up the way we monitor the usage of this system.

We’re going to be making some more changes to the terms and conditions soon. These will include:

  • stopping users from using the service if they cancel 20% or more of their tests in the 10 working days leading up to the test (those who cancel in the 3 working days before the test will also continue to lose the test fee)
  • making sure that accounts have an ADI linked to them – if they do not, the account will be suspended

We’ll confirm when these changes will take affect nearer the time and will contact all users of the service to keep them informed.

Sharing and comments

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  1. Comment by David White posted on

    All I hear is that people are still getting tests using apps like Testi so the dvsa system is not preventing these apps from booking tests.

    I try to book tests for pupils and I keep getting error 15 so it is the ADI’s you are blocking which is ridiculous.

    • Replies to David White>

      Comment by Mansour Marouf posted on

      Can’t get pass the error 15!! What is happening?
      What kind of booking service is this?
      DVSA is incapable of delivering a professional service. A disaster !!!

    • Replies to David White>

      Comment by Katie posted on

      I think all driving instructors should be blocked & only pupils allowed to book directly themselves. Some ADI are taking details & booking before they can even drive & swapping details. David you should come to Luton you will see first hand who the culprit’s are. You can’t even get a date it’s totally ridiculous & a scam. They have been profiting since Covid & nothing has been done. They bypass all the codes & before they are even released they get dates which makes you wonder how this is even possible. So many pupils pay upto £200 to £300 just for a date as desperate so they can get jobs. Luton has become a joke as you come in to the test centre & all you can see is one particular company instructors cars bringing pupils in for tests total shambles. Half of the instructors can’t even speak proper English no offence but how the hell are they becoming instructors in the first place. I feel sorry for the pupils who are finding it hard to even afford lessons let alone take loans out or borrow just so they can get a test date. It’s a total joke not controlled by dvsa but the profiteers. I really do hope that this matter gets dealt with asap.

      • Replies to Katie>

        Comment by Sean posted on

        Seriously. The government is happy to have these "entrepreneurs" take our hard earned money for nothing

      • Replies to Katie>

        Comment by Bunty M posted on

        Same situation in Slough. Its not only scammers, candidates are purposefully failed by examiners.. People are purchasing dates by paying 225 gbp. Taking lesson by paying 35gbp per hour from instructor. And getting failed by the reason " Slow in residential roads " although the speed was 18 to 20 in 30 residential road where cars parked on both side of the road.
        Getting a car is a basic necessity but dvsa has forgotten that. People are not getting sleep at night, they are going into depression but no one cares. neither govt, nor dvsa nor police.

  2. Comment by Qson maka posted on

    Please block all instructors for using and managing their pupil tests. Leave this to learner

    • Replies to Qson maka>

      Comment by Lee Robbie posted on

      I’m guessing you are not an ADI, as being able to manage tests and move or swap them is a valuable tool for an ADI when pupils are not ready for test.

    • Replies to Qson maka>

      Comment by Paul Williams posted on

      Exactly. The only person who needs to book a driving test is the learner. One test linked to their provisional driving license number. Why would anyone else need to book a test? There is no need for the instructor or any third party to be involved.

    • Replies to Qson maka>

      Comment by stephen OGGELSBY posted on

      yes this would work. dvsa have a problem and they haven't fixed it. We need a solution . dvsa need to wake up

    • Replies to Qson maka>

      Comment by jaaid iqbal posted on

      STOP Instructors from booking driving tests.
      Stop driving tests swap system.
      Driving tests are sold for £350.00

    • Replies to Qson maka>

      Comment by Linda P posted on

      No, I book my students tests which allows me to swap tests between my students for when I believe they are ready, with the current situation. I know the better days and times and when I'm on holiday. It also allows me to control my diary, and deal with times when I could be quieter. My students are more than happy for me to deal with it. I offer it as a service with no extra charge. I very rarely have a student that books their own test when they're not ready. And I find tests that match my students in a realistic time fame.

    • Replies to Qson maka>

      Comment by Damir Vujevic posted on

      Exactly that. As ADI we don't need to book it. Also blocking all organizations to book block tests.

    • Replies to Qson maka>

      Comment by Nick pink posted on

      When instructors book the test the student is more likely to be ready for test , and the student will not pay over the odds and the test will go ahead and not be missed. If a student books the test they may think that they are ready but maybe not

    • Replies to Qson maka>

      Comment by Graham beisly posted on

      That's the answer.
      See, wasn't hard was it.
      40 years experience and its the worst its ever been;
      DVL? should hang their heads in shame

    • Replies to Qson maka>

      Comment by Jeffrey Bradley posted on

      I totally agree with Qson.

    • Replies to Qson maka>

      Comment by Ray posted on

      As someone else said you can't be an ADI. Or you don't put the interests of your pupils first. I only work three days per week and at certain times of the day when tests are available. When pupils say I've booked my own test! First thing I say is 'did you book it when I'm free like I said?' "oh, I just got what came up and booked it." When's it for and time?

      Sorry I've already got a pupil booked for that day and time, and as I booked it for them I will have to take them as I can't do both, and you will have to rebook it or let me book it later for you. Or... I don't work that day, you should have let me book it. What a waste of their time and mine.

      So much for letting them book it...

    • Replies to Qson maka>

      Comment by Bree posted on

      No - as another instructor said above. I book the tests, one by one. I know when my pupils are ready. I know when I am available. I control my diary, not them. If one is more ready than another I can swop between two pupils. I like to book at certain times and days of the week so that the rest of my diary is also in control and runs smoothly. I do all this at no extra charge. They only pay the £62 and then they no longer have to work l worry.

    • Replies to Qson maka>

      Comment by John posted on

      Instructors should never be allowed to book tests. These days, bots are using real instructor accounts which have more clicks allowed. Also, instructor can reserver 5 slots on 1 click each. This is a completely unacceptable and huge opportunity for reserving slots and selling them. It seems that DVSA has created the instructor interface to resell bookings by design.

  3. Comment by Catherine Fallon posted on

    Are you including the likes of the Testi app under the term “bots”. I’d be particularly interested to hear a response to this if possible. I currently have 3 pupils test ready and unable to get a test. The situation has deteriorated since the beginning of the year.

  4. Comment by Andy Thomas posted on

    One way of stopping it is surely to not allow tests to be booked without a driving licence and theory certificate number. Then tests cab only be booked by customers and not bots

    • Replies to Andy Thomas>

      Comment by Kevan Chippindall-Higgin posted on

      Come along Andy, you should know better than that by now. Since when has the government ever followed a cheap, simple and fool proof system when the alternative is long, slow, hugely expensive and ultimately proven to be unworkable?

    • Replies to Andy Thomas>

      Comment by Bree posted on

      I absolutely agree with you...I like to book my own tests for pupils. One by one. I am then in control of my own diary. Its so simple and there are no extra charges.

  5. Comment by Anthony ADI posted on

    Disgraceful you haven't sorted this out - it's worse than ever! - it's embarrassing to be involved in the trade.

    If only you had access to tens of thousands of trusted, licensed and vetted professionals who could allocate a proportion of the tests to pupils at their discretion....

    • Replies to Anthony ADI>

      Comment by Richard Coyle posted on

      That's a very good idea Anthony. They could allocate a proportion based on the last 12 months. Or allocate 50% and leave the other 50% to the 'system'

    • Replies to Anthony ADI>

      Comment by Helen posted on

      Myself and husband both instructors totally agree this is embarrassing and so very frustrating. I have 10 pupils trying to book a test in past 2 months. Even the testi apps do not have tests for them. We have 40+ on our waiting list and bombarded daily for lessons. We are also short of instructors and we are contemplating leaving the industry if they don’t get this sorted ASAP

  6. Comment by Mark posted on

    This could be a good time to totally review the driver training and test system. I have stopped teaching now as got very frustrated with companies block booking all the trailer tests and leaving non for the independent instructors (still a poor decision in my opinion to drop that test). I feel the standard of driving in general in the UK is poor, pass once and you are done. This was ok 40 years ago but now with the technology in cars and the power even the basis car can produce, its not good enough. I am sure you will agree all the 'safety systems' on modern cars is a contributing factor to loss of skill levels as driver just wait for the car to do it and don't actually look! Use this shambles to have a bottom up review and change the system, only then will the UK improve driving standards.

    • Replies to Mark>

      Comment by Ruth Wallace posted on

      You have valid comments regarding driving standards and I worry that we'll see an even larger number of accidents and incidents if the latest changes muted by DVSA/Government go ahead i.e. turning the clock back pre-1997 and issuing B licence/car drivers with C1/7.5t entitlement (& maybe D1 minibus too) without any further checking or mandatory training/ development of driving skills.

    • Replies to Mark>

      Comment by Dave posted on

      I can agree with mark far to many drivers old and new seem to think that the cars safety systems will get them out of trouble this was something we reminded pupils of when doing the motor cycle cbt basic training car drivers think that they can walk away from a crash so they dont pay attention

  7. Comment by Abdul posted on

    You will be some how punishing the pupil and force them to take a tests when they know they will loose their fee, Three days cancellation is good idea cause someone else will take that day meaning you are giving people more time to think if they want to take the test.

  8. Comment by Andrew White posted on

    If you put the onus solely on the learner driver to get their own test and NOT allow any other booking of tests, surely the practice would be cancelled instantly. Like anything, your service is being abused by certain 'authorised' test purchasers, so remove the possibility completely, remove all authorisations

  9. Comment by Kamel Elkomaty posted on

    Why don’t you observe and scrutinize the repeated emails that those bogus who uses bots,
    Why don’t you check the candidate details for accuracy and if it’s repeated, it will then indicate that the organization who uses bots will be identified.
    Why don’t you randomly check with potential test candidates on the way they have managed to book their practical test.
    Why don’t you ask your examiners to find out from the candidate on how did they book their test.

  10. Comment by Muhammed Kamrul Islam posted on

    Hello 👋
    I am an ADI. I am sure if you really want to stop the bots you can do it, please why don’t you make the booking system like the hospital booking systems. For example if a hospital patient wants to change a hospital appointment they can only do it under their name at a later date, the patient can’t just put another name to replace their names. If you’re really serious you can DEFINITELY do it. Please please stop the tinkering around the edges. I understand it’s a difficult process changing the booking system ( It’s need to go through the Houses of Parliament , I think ).
    If you are serious you’ll will be able to do it. Lot of learner drivers livelihood are are being impacted. Thanks.

  11. Comment by Clem Rose posted on

    Thank you for your continued efforts to stop this profiteering it’s creating stress and frustration for students and instructors.
    Please do your best to a stop to it urgently.
    I’ve had students who booked and paid for test through third parties and turn up at test centre to discover it’s been resold to someone else.
    And one student who had her card details compromised.

  12. Comment by Steven Walker posted on

    I note the comment above: ‘ These organisations will hold on to these test appointments until they can resell them at a higher price.’

    A driving test can only be booked for a learner driver with a correct license number. As far as I’m aware there is no way to just book a test and hold it. Admittedly there may be some unscrupulous individuals guilty of using license details for existing clients but the organisations I’m aware of do not run their businesses this way. Using a cancellation app is a much more efficient use of time and I do not believe this is the issue.

    I keep seeing comments (from the DVSA and other driving schools related to businesses using bots to book and hold tests but I can’t see how this is possible.

  13. Comment by Kevin Barker posted on

    It would be good to know who has booked a test using my ADI number. This would be useful information for me and I’d also know if my number is being used without my knowledge

    • Replies to Kevin Barker>

      Comment by Terry trueman posted on

      Absolutely a brilliant idea, online pass now/ quick/ in a week etc etc , use ADI numbers to book multiple test slots, I personally have 3 tests In October booked for 3 pupils at my local test centre…. If any are being booked elsewhere without my knowledge then they are fraudulent…. Please inform ADI if they have multiple bookings.

    • Replies to Kevin Barker>

      Comment by Gail posted on

      100% agree, something as simple as an email notification to us to let us know would suffice

  14. Comment by Dipak posted on

    Instructors are selling their access to online booking system to the people that run the bots.
    How will you stop them?

  15. Comment by D. Leigh. posted on

    Would it not be possible for the DVSA to offer a cancellation / rebooking service themselves ie beat the bots at their own game?

    There is clearly a gap in the market otherwise the companies that operate the bots wouldn't have demand.

    If the DVSA had its own officially approved & sanctioned service to which a pupil or ADI can sign up to then the current imperfect system would provide its users with a secure and trustworthy service.

  16. Comment by Russell Hurst posted on

    It’s easy all you have to is stop the transferring of tests , easy .. the individual either takes the themself or they cancel it , transferring of tests has never been necessary , previously, now or in the future, please stop all this madness , transferring of tests is not needed

    • Replies to Russell Hurst>

      Comment by Judith Hyam posted on

      With a waiting list of over five months at our local test centre, ( if indeed you can get one at all), it is impossible to get a test on a date which is the right time for each individual pupil. If transferring of tests were abolished, pupils who are not ready for their test but who have one imminently, would not be able to be swapped with those who are already at test standard but have a test months later in the year. The only way that I have been able to maintain an efficient use of test slots and retain a high pass rate is to swap test dates with the pupils of other bona fide instructors via our instructors' Whattapp group. No money is involved, we all work together to give our pupils the best chance of passing at the right stage of their training by switching dats between our pupils.

      • Replies to Judith Hyam>

        Comment by Russell Hurst posted on

        Yes “your pupils “ and “your friends pupils “ this is not fair on everyone else, if a pupil isn’t ready just change it to a later date or cancel it , then someone else can pick it up . Swapping tests either for profit or not is killing our business, please please outlaw the swapping of tests today , if this was done the waiting times for ALL would reduce

        • Replies to Russell Hurst>

          Comment by Judith Hyam posted on

          It is not a Whattapp group of personal friends. All ADIs who use our local test centre are encouraged to join the group as it is also used as a means of communication and discussion between all of us and the DVSA test centre manager. We are encouraged by the DVSA to send only test-ready candidates. By swapping tests we are able to ensure that the candidates are taking a test only when they are ready. This results in a higher pass rate for the test centre and helps to prevent the waiting time increasing even further.

      • Replies to Judith Hyam>

        Comment by Bree posted on

        Judith, I don't know where you are in the country, but all our instructors in the Black Country do the same. Thank god for it. At least it means our pupils can get a test and go when they're ready. Most of our pass rates have gone up too. If we had to cancel and rebook then it would be another 6 month wait. Currently I have to tell my pupils that I will book their test, despite them not being ready and that I may have to swop it with someone else who is more ready than they are, at the right time. They're all relieved that I do it for them and it's done one by one - at no extra charge. None of this block booking business. No test should be allowed to be booked without a name, theory test certificate number and a learner licence number. That would immediately put a stop to all this nonsense.

    • Replies to Russell Hurst>

      Comment by Mani Khan posted on

      This would indeed stop the reselling of tests....
      Wake up DVSA

  17. Comment by Stephen Brown posted on

    The Testi app is my main bug-bear!

  18. Comment by Mike C posted on

    I don’t understand how the bots can reserve a test slot and then hang onto it. If I, or any genuine DI, selects a slot, we only have 15 mins before we book it or lose it.

  19. Comment by Simon brady posted on

    Lots of driving instructors are buying tests for pupils without their knowledge and selling them for inflated prices . What are you doing to combat that ? Stopping the ability to swop test between candidates would stop the problem instantly . Why don’t you ?

  20. Comment by Curtis Wherritt posted on

    It's a self-fulfilling thing though... If the waiting times were actually going down, there would be no need for learners to even consider exploitative services to book their test. As it stands, 2 years on from service as normal, waiting times at Cheetham Hill (my closest centre) is 5 months!!! What are you actually doing? I've not seen any new examiners, no extended working days, and one examiner in particular is still a horrible man who puts learners on edge from the very start of the test!

    More needs to be done to minimize waiting times before you can meaningfully tackle these bots...

  21. Comment by Keith Bond posted on

    I'm an instructor. Just ban anyone, including instructors, from block booking dates. Only the candidate/learner should be able to book a test.
    Remove the ability to swap tests between candidates so they can't be sold on for profit.
    Simple solutions that would benefit everyone.

  22. Comment by Lindsey Wilmot posted on

    As an ADI, I’m pleased to hear of your efforts. What puzzles me though is how bits or other non-genuine learners are able to book any tests without a valid Theory Test Certificate reference and Orovisional Licence number? Surely these two things would be unique to an individual and would need to match up and be validated before being able to book!?

  23. Comment by Kim freeborn posted on

    The dvsa are still not releasing enough driving tests.
    I am on the website everyday to try and find a test for my pupils and there are none. I cant swop with another driving instructor as i cant or my pupils cant get one in the first place.
    I have pupils who have been waiting since february to get another test and got one in some random place and cant get their local area.
    I have had pupils who have had to re do their theory after 2 years because no fault of their own, cannot get a driving test before their theory runs out. These pupils delay driving lessons as cannot afford to continue with no light at the end of the tunnel or completely give up, or try to take a test in their own car somewhere they dont know and are not ready but they are desperate as cannot find a job without a licence. The whole system has broken down and extremely frustrating all round. Something more needs to be done. Do we not have enough examiners? If some test centres are less busy can examiners not travel to the busier areas to get test times down. Also when tests are booked, they are sometimes cancelled as examiner no longer available? Then the tests are moved about another month away. The poor pupils are so nervous and terrified that if they do fail they cannot get another test this year. I feel as a professional adi we are letting the general public down and it is extremely embarrassing when parents dont understand why we cant do anything to change the system. Things need to change.

    • Replies to Kim freeborn>

      Comment by Simon Dean posted on

      Hi Kim, I totally agree with your comments.
      I have pupils unable to take tests when they’re ready, they can’t afford to maintain lessons and then suddenly they find a test, often not our closest test centres.
      We then have to work overtime to cram in catch up lessons for a new area and fingers crossed.
      Then if they fail, mostly with 1 major and only a couple of minors because of a random designed road they fail.
      This is then against my ADI number and they’re left to search for another test.
      I’m now trying to predict when a pupil will be ready for a test and booking them as they released in November/December as opposed to waiting when they’re ready for test and booking a test in 4 weeks as prior to Covid.
      Not a great job to be in at the moment:(

  24. Comment by Carlos posted on

    I absolutely have no hope on your system or the people behind improving the problem, in my past two complains I am just been fobbed off, despite bringing the problem to your attention and solution of the problem. It is very clear the someone in dvsa is Benefits from the mess. The solution is very simple and all dvsa have to do is allow only the students to book the test using debit/ credit card registered at the same address. Simple and you will see the results instantly. I am an instructor myself and am on the platforms which sells test dates, never bought any from the crooks( fellow instructors/ examiners) but I am aware of what and how they do this things.

  25. Comment by Mani Khan posted on

    Why don't you introduce a place where resellers can be reported and then you procecute them.
    Another way around this would also be to raise the test fee... Currently these test resellers are charging around £250-£300 for tests.
    Why not increase your test fee to this. Then you will find people end up not wanting to pay anymore than what you charged also you could use the extra money to employ more examiners by attracting them to good salaries which would be raised by this extra revenue.
    More examiners means more test slots hence less waiting time which will eventually get rid of these resellers

  26. Comment by Paul Kerr posted on

    Nothing I've read here convinces me that you have a grip on the problem. Allowing for examiner's that have left the DVSA how many more examiner's are there compared with 12 months ago?

  27. Comment by Martin Matthews posted on

    Is it not possible to create an App for registered ADI’s to use for test bookings? Maybe something like 50% of all test dates can be allocated to ADI’s and that each ADI has an allocated maximum bookings for each Calendar year? My pupils are having far more luck in getting a test than I do. Many of them however (against my advice) book tests far from my working area and then find they can’t get another Instructor. Likewise, I get many enquiries each week asking for my availability as the enquirer has a test booked for the following week.

  28. Comment by Robin Lamport posted on

    I find this report very hard to understand considering that this issue of booking tests has taken so long to do anything.(over two years) I as an ADI have tried to book tests and be given a chance for any availabilty to book a test giving dates for two months and not one reply. Those third parties should be prosecuted for unfair competition especially we now see £250 for a driving test. I have for the last year only take on students if they have a test booked, I have lost work and I'm not prepared to do an extra 15-20 hours training to pass as my costs aren't coming down. There should be a priority timing if you do not sort this mess out, that when test dates become available that they are kept for an hour by only being able to book with ADI number.This will reduce no shows. There are still too many no shows that are just adding to the waiting time, so these third parties should be stopped completely now. My health has been affected and I'm probably not the only ADI that are suffering. We didn't have this mess pior to the pandemic and this should never have been allowed to happen.

  29. Comment by Guy Taylor posted on

    We’ve heard all this before. DVSA caught napping again. As I said a dozen times already, invest properly in yr service and it will be fool proof. Recruit expert IT tech, pay examiners a decent income, put yr test fee up, stop controlling ADIs with yr false standards check…. Use ADIs to improve yr service not drive them out of the Industry.

  30. Comment by Derick wood posted on

    I agree just let the pupil with the theory pass, book the test and nobody else. Also I believe the tests they book should be local so nobody can book a test more than 15miles from there home address

  31. Comment by Colin Lott posted on

    A pretty sorry state of affairs.

    If the DVSA had taken steps to employ a realistic number of extra examiners to deal with the eight months worth of backlog, rather than just the token number of new examiners, just to be seen ticking the right boxes, we never would have got to this position and, let's be honest, even before Covid, the numbers for waiting lists were pretty poor anyway.
    No foresight, no real purposeful planning, just too little too late, kneejerk reaction to a problem that should have been prevented in the first place, pretty much par for the course.

  32. Comment by J posted on

    The booking apps are realistically the only way for pupils to reliably get a test in under 6 months without constantly logging in and out of the DVSA database, I mean constantly.

    I hope the apps are not being blocked because they are a useful (and better) alternative to the DVSA website.

    I really dont understand why the DVSA has not published its own app.

    The real problem remains a lack of examiners.

  33. Comment by Nick posted on

    Yet again, the DVSA is focusing on the wrong thing...

    Lets say "BOTS" are banned, it will not stop the problem. Because a lot of test re-sellers book the test for 4-5 months from now and then sell them in 3-4 months time. Not a single bot used, if they regularly do this, booking tests 4-5 months from now they will end up with a daily stream of slots to sell.

    All this time and effort stopping bots, which is impossible because thats how the internet works is ridiculous.

    There is ONLY ONE SOLUTION, remove the swap feature and the issue disappears overnight.

  34. Comment by Marvin Green posted on

    Cancellation apps existed for years and were very useful, especially given the DVSAs poor booking system. Who wants to sit up at 6am on a monday morning to find a new test slot?

    Since due the DVSAs incompetence the waiting time has gone up and up more and more people have to rely on the apps.

    Now you're trying to block them so less people will be able to find a cancellation and when people do cancel because they aren't ready, people won't get the slot and more test slots will be wasted.

    The DVSA are clearly not fit for purpose.

  35. Comment by Rossett Driving school posted on

    When is the cancellation app coming out from the DVSA that is going to be free. So then it will wipe out the competition, it won’t see the need for people to buy the tests and also provide a better service.
    It will also save money in time developing the bots to stop the bots.

  36. Comment by Mansour Marouf posted on

    I am an ADI and I can get access to the website : access denied, error 15.
    You are preventing me from doing my job to help my client to book a practical test.
    What of service are we in delivering?
    Why didn’t you publish my previous comment?
    Double standard as usual?

  37. Comment by Barrie posted on

    Please make it so a test can only be booked with a current ADI number therefore ensuring that the candidate cannot book unless the ADI has assessed the they are of a required standard along with bypassing the bots.

  38. Comment by Peter ADI posted on

    DVSA failure continues...
    I'm an ADI - I liaise closely with all my customers on my available/unavailable dates - I don't book tests they have responsibility for booking their test. Yes, this:
    <<"It’s easy all you have to is stop the transferring of tests , easy .. the individual either takes the themself or they cancel it , transferring of tests has never been necessary , previously, now or in the future, please stop all this madness , transferring of tests is not needed">>
    ...and DVSA message I recall some months ago was that it was reaching its targets for more capacity... it definitely doesn't seem that way in the real world - things are deteriorating more and more...
    It's disgraceful, and like the deterioration in many other government-run areas of UK life, it's very evident that this break down in service level does not have roots in pandemic (can't blame it on that any longer), it has roots in long term (13 years maybe?) lack of investment in the service and poor management of the service.

  39. Comment by Richard Coyle posted on

    It's clear from all the comments that all ADIs have completely had enough of the DVSA and their failure to improve the situation since 2021 by even a little bit. I encourage my pupils to buy these cancellation apps simply because that is the only way if getting any test in my town (Loughborough). Drastic changes need to be made. 1. Technical ones that actually work, allocate tests to working ADIs based on their previous use of a test centre (stats are collected from badge numbers to allow this) 2. Seccond more examiners from other departments to increase numbers - by many, don't tinker around...increase pay as the unions want and offer a bonus system so that DE numbers can be dropped when waiting times get back to normal.

  40. Comment by len posted on

    I'm an ADI.
    Why does DVSA not link payment card to HMRC eg an ADI/Facilitator pays with a bank card? I can confidently predict this will reduce the unscrupulous ADI/Facilitators to a trickle.
    This will also ensure any unscrupulous ADI profiting eg an ADI books 20 tests in a short period or a month, but only takes 3 pupils to test, can be rooted out, and when proofed (almost definitively) penalised with a minimum ban of a year plus a fine or permanent de-registering; HMRC is the only entity that can deter/minimise this unsavoury behaviour of some unscrupulous characters esp ADI's associated with driving tuition.

    I firmly believe when there's a will, there's a way. At the moment, the will is present, but methodology is missing the target ie profiteers; profiteers will only "listen" to HMRC!

  41. Comment by Dan posted on

    I have an idea on how to stop block booking/buying. I have emailed dvsa to-date they have not replied.

  42. Comment by Daniel posted on

    It is rather unprecedented the demand for driving test as we all know. I currently teach instructors to make use of the Business ID booking offered by the DVSA. If every instructor know how to use this platform then there would be no need for third party companies.
    The DVSA is doing it’s best this I believe. None of my pupils have to wait longer than 2 months once they are test standard or if they need to retake the test.
    I’ll advise everyone to learn how to use the Business ID booking platform in order to push out the third party companies.

  43. Comment by Jorge posted on

    Last year I sent more than one email about this situation.
    I’m not the most intelligent man in the world, but it’s so easy to finish this situation. The DVSA sistem shouldn’t allow change the name of the booking. Simple.
    If a test is booked it means that has a name. If they sell that slot, they need to change the name. I’m not an IT but this is very simple to do.

  44. Comment by Haydn Jenkins posted on

    I'm about to retire from Disabled driver training partly because of the shambles it has become near impossible to book a test in a timely manner .
    IMHO dropping the " Safe Driving for Life" and replacing it with the
    "Ready for Test" campaign which took two of my clients who were read for test and turned the into anxiety filled drivers, with a barrage of Email messaging, total backfired my client prep, it is now 3 years post lockdown how you can still be this bad is beyond belief, bring back the Dept of Transport at least you knew where you stood.

  45. Comment by Patrick Sinclair posted on

    What I don’t understand is how an organisation like the DVSA has the ability to have their system accessed by bots, you wouldn’t have bots accessing data from the passport office or police records, so how does a government organisation like the DVSA manage to allow it to happen.
    The system itself is dated. Along with test marking schemes. Failing students for stopping one wheel rotation in a yellow box (like c’mon, what’s a student going to learn from this, they’ll get a fine in the real world and never do it again, have they killed or endangered anyone?)
    The whole agenda in terms of booking service, test conduction and levels in terms of S&D faults need to really be looked at. You want to talk about providing the public with more detailed information about us as ADI’s, yet you can’t even provide us with correct information about our pass rates etc when we request it. And you want to increase test prices but have examiners not even wanting to conduct a decent debrief. A complete shambles. Personally think the “bots” are an inside job and just a way for the DVSA to make more money. If tests are readily available if an examiner is off sick or needs to reschedule, or a complaint is made, it just goes to show there’s tests put aside that you can easily dish out. Shambles. And quite frankly a disgrace.

  46. Comment by Brenig SOM posted on

    The best way to stop third party apps from exploiting learner drivers is for the DVSA to create their own test cancellation app and make it free of charge. I'm sure a couple of pounds increase in the test fee will help finance this.

    Third party apps will go out of business if this is implemented.

  47. Comment by Buran posted on

    The only way to stop the other third parties bookings tests is, when DVSA allows tests to be booked only by candidates who take the practical test.
    DVSA should stop the idea of driving instructors to book tests for their pupils, that's why some instructors and other third parties are taking advantage of booking tests and reselling for higher price.
    In my opinion, Shame on DVSA itself who is allowing such thing to happen.
    There might be some corruption inside DVSA which allows this things to happen, they say that you can not book car practical test without licence number and theory test number unless is for motorbikes and lorries.

  48. Comment by Lee posted on

    I think that the best way to get rid of the Bots would be for the DVSA to create its own App test booking system that offers the same service as the Bots like Testi then offer it for free. This would kill the demand for the paid App's.

    It would then give the control of booking back to the DVSA and help bring down the test waiting times. If it needed funding, maybe put the price of the test up by £1 per booking.

    • Replies to Lee>

      Comment by jovannecampbell posted on

      Hi Lee,

      This is something that we are currently looking into and our plans are to build a new system with modern technology that will solve this issue, but it will take time.

  49. Comment by Niki posted on

    Blah blah blah .....the secret society of the DVSA strikes again. ADI's are leaving the industry daily ...examiners are bored with their jobs ....pupils are cracking up on test due to pressure.....ADI's are taking the blame for presenting pupils badly prepared for test etc etc. I know let's launch an app to help ......READY TO PASS !!!! What a load of tosh....the money spent developing that app could have gone to training examiners .....oh no hold on theres no enforcement officers left to train them. You really couldn't write it. Stop being so WOKE dvsa and get some positive action taken ADI's get shouted at for being less than adequate....who's shouting at us. Stop blogging and start doing some work. Bots are the least of your worries ... pupils are just going to give up and get the bus.....or they may wait so long they will be entitled to a bus pass anyways

  50. Comment by Richard Webb posted on

    All ADI’s were contacted in 2021 requesting they email the DVSA for the “Fast Track” code, This we were told would enable us to be put straight through to an advisor to avoid being put on hold for hours on end when calling them. 20 months later, I’m still waiting for a reply and my ironically named “Fast Track” code. If there is no one there bright enough to get something that simple right, there isn’t a hope in hell of getting this test debacle sorted. I know of instructors who have considered suicide because of the multitude of pressures caused by this situation. Words can’t adequately describe my thoughts right now.

  51. Comment by stephen OGGELSBY posted on

    increase the booking system to 52 weeks. dvsa say. if we do that we can't promise our staff their holidays. WHAT

  52. Comment by Stephen Moate posted on

    There is an extensive army of very experienced and highly qualified instructors out there (ADI 'A' Graders / ORDIT etc). Surely they could assist the DVSA in helping to clear the long queues of students awaiting test? I'm sure the DVSA could quickly and easily come up with a scheme to recruit these ADI's to become Examiners for maybe 2 days/week? In the local town that is my main TC, 20 local ADI's that meet the requirement would effectively double or even triple the number of examiners normally working that site. This would only need to happen for 6-12 months to clear the backlog. This would a) get rid of the ridiculous waiting times, and b) put the Bot operators out of business, as their 'services' would no longer be required or relevant. Then (as others have already said) a comprehensive 'overhaul' of the current system could be undertaken to prevent this ridiculous situation happening again, and restore the confidence of our customers in the ability to be tested in a process that doesn't overburden the examiners, and in a timely fashion.

  53. Comment by Khan posted on

    3 working days cancellation policy was ok, sufficient time for instructor would do mock test and then leave to Pupil , if he/ she is not up to standards. Pupil would be told cancel driving test or find someone else, they would then cancel driving test.

    Now if this policy gets demolished, then more unprepared pupils would be coming in putting them and examiners in stress.

    Don’t have a clue what the hell is DVSA thinking 🤔?

  54. Comment by ABDILADHIF MOHAMUD posted on

    I had a lot of trouble finding a suitable time to book my driving test. I paid and was charged £250.

  55. Comment by Nat posted on

    If the DVSA were to make their own FREE 24/7 test slot tracking app (accompanying their online booking system).... surely that would negate all the profiteering booking apps in one fell swoop ?

  56. Comment by Phil posted on

    If the DVSA spent as much money on the tech as the low wages they pay their examiners no wonder the Bots are winning the war on the humans.
    Did we have all this when we booked tests through a call centre years ago?

    The way the DVSA treat their examiners low pay go here go there ! no respect for the pupils who come for test and receive a email on the way to say no examiner 10 mins before or blame the pupils for not reading their e mails when we are sitting in the test centre and it’s cancelled .
    no respect for the instructors who must drop everything for a rescheduled test if they want a decent review.
    No respect for the parents of the pupils who spend hard earned money to help the pupils get to test readiness .Forget all these ideas about raising standards because pupils come unprepared they are desperate for a licence if we tell them to reschedule because we don’t think they are ready they take it anyway because they aren’t sure when the next test will be.
    Client centred I think very much not !!!
    The techs that good on three occasions I uploaded my application to become an examiner and on three occasions the tech said my video interview had been uploaded successfully only for my status to read interview not uploaded ????
    So I emailed the address for enquiries to kindly ask for a face to face interview reply reads it my take up to 10 days for a reply I’m still waiting and the closing dates gone.
    I’ll never apply again.
    I’ve stopped teaching because my business was strangled by the lack of test availability parents think we are holding pupils back and taking their money the whole system like many government departments is so broken it’s diagnosis is terminal
    A pupil should be able to put a date and time in a choice of three test centres plus or minus three days and get a practical driving test . simples.
    Instead we have what’s app groups of instructors trying to swop mix n match desperately trying their best for their students
    I’m sure we are all doing our best trying to make this broken system work.
    change at the top needs to happen and very soon. Let’s not waste money on another enquiry to find out what went wrong we all already know.
    No one’s listening no one’s taking to each other
    The world is send an email I’ve done my bit
    I’m kindly asking everyone to own the problem together we can find solutions.

  57. Comment by Joe Collins posted on

    The industry is fast becoming a laughing stock. With the exclusion of Turn in the Road and Left reverse round the Corner and the VERY STUPID Drive over to the right and reverse two car lengths back and drive off again. You look like you have lost it. Whoever brought these in should be sacked. These are two VERY important parts of learning to drive. When my students use the Sat Nav, they all say that it was easy and boring. I live in Ruislip Middlesex and since the ULEZ announcement the phone has virtually stopped ringing over the last few months. This a very worrying situation as kids probably cannot afford the price of newer cars just after passing their test and the high insurance costs. You should be on the back of this shouting it down as just another Tax to everyone affected. It's a further attack on motorists again and once it is rolled out to all major cities then it will affect even your jobs within your own industry. Overall I am totally frustrated and very angry after 21 years of teaching. I will be leaving when my licence expires in a few years. What a joke you have become.

  58. Comment by Steven Carter posted on

    Booking a test and selling it on for profit. Can we not view this as the same as ticket touting? That is illegal!

  59. Comment by Nicholas Smith posted on

    To me the solution is simple. Make every test require an ADI number. Set up a two stage authentication so that if a learner driver books a test, the ADI/PDI has to approve it before it’s confirmed.

    The Ready to Pass? campaign’s five key criteria feature 3 that require a driving instructor, so why does the DVSA system allow learners to book tests without professional sign off?

    I’m not saying everyone has to learn with an instructor, just that they have to have 1 session to be signed off before they are able to book a test.

  60. Comment by Vitaly posted on

    I’m a ADI my self. Be honest!!It’s very easy to deal with this issue. You just don’t want to do it. Just let people book test them self. And make sure only people who are going to do a test can book it . Don’t ALLOW any ADI OR ANY DRIVING SCHOOLS book the tests. They are actually the ones who started tests resale , Simple. 🤷‍♂️

  61. Comment by Tony Simcock posted on

    BOTS are not the problem! in fact they are unfortunately currently part of the answer.

    On a Monday morning at 6am a batch of test slots are released for 22 weeks time.

    I am not available at that time so I simply cannot get tests for my pupils in my area. As a result I have to book tests at the other end of the country and use cancellation checking software bring the test to my town, then use it again to try and get a realistic date for my pupil.

    it's the only way I can run my business. I have never paid for a test that not £62.

    In much of commerce employees have to book their holidays 12 months in advance, if the dvsa scrapped the 22 week maximum we would all be able to get tests in our area, we could see how big the waiting list really is for each area and allocate resources much more accurately.

    DVSA management are looking extremely weak - get a grip!

  62. Comment by Martin posted on

    Surely if you had to input three simple things when booking a test on the DVSA website, the test booking delay issue would be resolved…
    1. A valid theory test certificate number.
    2. A valid corresponding provisional license number.
    3. An ADI number.
    In this day and age of IT know how would that not be easy to do ??

    • Replies to Martin>

      Comment by jovannecampbell posted on

      Hi Martin,
      Every test booked is done through use of a valid provisional driving licence number – i.e. there aren’t ways to book tests for mythical customers on spec. Only one test can be booked per licence.

  63. Comment by Paul Goodman posted on

    No test space should be able to be booked without a recent identifiable Theory Test pass certificate number (an easy system comparison check / match should be done/automated).and a pupil driving licence number and pupil details. Bots would not know these details and so be shut out. These details should be default at least and not be able to be duplicated if a test is already booked with those details. I am baffled why DVSA can’t make it happen when across the internet other companies manage to prevent misuse and fraud.

    • Replies to Paul Goodman>

      Comment by jovannecampbell posted on

      Hi Paul,

      Every test booked is done through use of a valid provisional driving licence number – i.e. there aren’t ways to book tests for mythical customers on spec. Only one test can be booked per licence.

  64. Comment by Jim posted on

    My experience.
    Recently I said to a pupil were need to go to this test center your more likely to get a test there.
    The following week says don't worry Jim I can get a test here £200.09.
    I note with interest you say this is not illegal
    Why not make it illegal with consequences for ADI profiteering from such practices.
    If I was running the test I'd not allow instructor to book test .
    I'd only let customers book test.
    Your the government but I see there are sites out there for getting driving licence that act as a middleman with site address very similar to why are you not making this illegal.
    And another thing because we can't get test in our area we then have to take them to different area no fault of ours yet if we get a few failing then we are at fault.
    No you are at fault going to different areas to ge a test is to help the pupil because you are failing to provide a service for which your charged to do and your the government.

  65. Comment by Lloyd Laskey posted on

    Genuine pupils are so desperate to get a test that they are booking anything they can get in any town.
    Once booked, they are then reluctant to move the test knowing its a nightmare to get a second date, hence the student is adamant that they want to take the test date... ready or not, not move it.
    Because of the test results being marked against the driving instructors performance, we are then reluctant to release our car to that student for test.
    That's when some other poor instructor gets the 'my driving instructor has let me down' text, or 'can I have two hours to learn all the test routes in your town and borrow the car for test. I'm a good driver, I promise...!'

  66. Comment by Tony Cotterell posted on

    I feel as an independent ADI that we are trading fraudulently as it's not possible for me or my pupils to book a test. I have pupils that are ready to take their test and at the same time new pupils from different parts of the UK asking for me to start teaching them to drive for their test in the next week at my local test centre. I feel sorry for the examiners as the pass rate must be falling.
    This situation is the worst I have seen in in the 20 years I have been an ADI.

  67. Comment by Anthony Johnson posted on

    The best way of sorting this problem out is by getting the waiting times down for a driving test and not living with the problem.

    Stop striking, incentivise the examiners to work overtime more by paying 1.5 times their current rate when they do overtime, recruit more examiners, move examiners around for example Hartlepool has loads of test availability and London has nothing. You clearly have too many examiners in certain areas and not enough in other areas.

    Bletchley has 3-4 working examiners. Pre-covid we had around 8!!!! I would anticipate the waiting time for Bletchley is probably 9-12 months if you bothered to release dates past 6 months but it would be too embarrassing for you to do that.

    Supply and demand issues will always create a black market in any industry - get the waiting times down to 8-12 weeks in the big cities and large towns and your problem is solved.

    I offered my IT services free of charge to the DVSA back in October 2021 when we was locked down again to prevent this problem happening and I got a copy and paste emails back from Loveday, Grant Shapps etc. You acted too late!

  68. Comment by Chris Marples posted on

    Restricting who can book is the only way out of this. Surely we’re now past the stage of Covid backlogs. I use the OBS myself legitimately, but I’d have no issue with that being suspended if it stops corrupt users cashing in on people’s desperation. The last I heard, no shows were double that of pre-pandemic levels. More private runners are chancing it in their own cars because the majority of decent ADI’s won’t cave into their unrealistic and self-entitled expectations. Not addressing it adequately is unfair on genuine candidates and ADI’s who are trying to operate their businesses.

  69. Comment by Rod posted on

    There is insufficient number of examiners, previous COVID just to mention one test centre, it would be around 5 to 6 examiners coming out at any round , but now usually is no more than three at anytime.
    Previously, Big instructor's companies such as BSM, AA and others used to buy test in blocks and sell them as part of their "fast track courses" they were also allow to buy them and return them to the DVSA 5 days before the expiring date otherwise they would had loose the payment. Also, if any candidate failed for any reason we were still able to book another test within a month.
    Therefore, the problem is not because pupils not ready are taking tests!
    It is not because Instructors are simply taking pupils to the test because they are working just for the money and profiteering from pupils ( eventually we work as a business not as a charity and business are meant to produce money)
    Even though it is not because of these "Bots" and reselling websites, apps and companies.
    There Less instructors; many were offered the redundancy option but not replacement there weren't selected also, none implementation was planned before older examiner were retired. less tests availables, less test are taken every day. Less test centres operating in full capacity.
    Very low salary payments is offered for anyone interested in becoming an examiner .
    Less phone calls are accepted every day
    Still many DVSA employees are working from Home.
    There is not any plan to open any alternative test centres
    The question is What is DVSA doing to return back to those glorious working days before COVID?

  70. Comment by Henry posted on

    Dvsa please stop with all the security you have as we keep getting error 15 code.
    You need to tone down your security system so we can actually use the OBS to book students in.
    Your security measures are actually causing the backlog.

  71. Comment by Mr M Maung posted on

    Just simple thing DVSA could do. Go back to previous system before 2019. The pupils ring the DVSA customer service to book for the driving test once they have passed their theory and they have become a test standard. CSU needs to employ booking centres or place the office of booking centre for the individual DVSA test centre. The pupils could choose their local test centre booking. Technology has become the risk and I am sure people will create another software to prevent from whatever DVSA is planning to protect. Just let the learners deal with test booking by ringing the customer service like before. For ADIs if DVSA wishes to give an access, ADI should ring CSU after 4:30pm to book a test for their pupils. ADI should have memorial password or PIN before they start conversation with CSU for test booking. ADI registration number on Green Badge, may not be useful becuase someone can use it.

  72. Comment by Annette posted on

    Remove the ability to swap tests and this will kill the profiteering business and free up dates for all to book directly. Why the need to swap tests if it’s leading to a horrendous abuse of the system?

  73. Comment by Brian posted on

    The current situation regarding test booking is ridiculous. I have been an ADI for 43 years and never has the system been in such a mess. Our registrar says" that bots develop, more quickly than humans" maybe he meant more quickly the DVSA. After all the system wasn`t broke, I appreciate we had lockdown but in the past we have had bad weather and examiners striking and while appreciating that the Covid was unique, I always remember that the DVSA introduced the current system that allows for these bots and unscrupulous instructors to exploit the introduced system, Surely it is not beyond the DVSA to revert to the previous system with some modifications. I know of a pupil who was going to be charged £300 to get an early test and that is not far from the £200 they usually charge. One parent of my pupil contact these shyster`s and amongst their lame excuse`s was that they were "validated" by guess who ? yes the good old DVSA. I have come to expect little from the DVSA supposedly our governing and executive body, they do not protect the industry, they do not serve the public who along with ADI`s are effectively their customers. If I treated my customers with the disrespect that the DVSA does, I would be out of business. Sadly the DVSA is a monopoly and is run by not very "civil servants" who care more about their department than the very people they are meant to serve. Finally I believe and practice that other than advice regarding their driving the ADI should not get involved applying for the pupil`s test.

  74. Comment by Mr M Maung posted on

    I am an ADI. This morning I tried to book a test for my pupil who is already ready. The problem is, this morning Monday at 6am, there slots available were from 11th December 17th December slots but all filled up within 3 minutes. I managed to book a test but 11/12/23. How could a pupil wait for over 5 months whilst they are at test standard. An ADI will loose the business. Nobody wishes to spend a lot of money by taking lessons again and again throughout the period with no appointment date for the test. Why don't we rearrange by transferring responsibility to the DVSA customer service for booking like before back in 2017. When the learner is ready they deserve a test booking date for the test centre that they wish to go for their test. Online, security, login details all are inappropriate to run this business for DVSA as well as ADIs.It is too much plus scam and Bots etc. We want to teach and we want our pupils to go ahead with the tests as soon as they are ready. This is costing the learners as well as the families plus stressful for the instructors as their pupils cannot get a date and the learners pause to carry on driving as they have no date at all. The learners cannot keep on spending whilst waiting the date. It is unfair for the learners. They want to get on with their life once they pass the test. Theory test has become expired on the other hand as they have been given two years. This needs to be changed to 3 years or something due to this unforeseen difficulties. Hope this helps for the ADIs and DVSA staff.

  75. Comment by Adam posted on

    Stop the reselling of driving tests, it's not fair people are taking advantage by reselling at ridiculous prices

  76. Comment by Adrian posted on

    I have much better proposal to resolve this.

    1.) Introduce an easy way for driving instructors to train and become an examiner. Most of ADIs already have a lot of experience in preparing people for tests, doing mock tests etc.

    A short course and a badge transfer will result in many ADIs changing to become examiners.

    2.) Increase examiners salary. Pay them well. If you want people to work, you must pay them well. £50 000 a year plus. Make this a good paying job that people want to do.

    3.) Raise the price of the test to cover the 2 above.

    I think many people would rather pay £100 for a test if they can get a date within a month rather than £62 if they need to wait 6 months plus.

    If you need help with this, e-mail me.

    former ADI and former ORDIT.

  77. Comment by Ianm posted on

    Stop reselling driving test slots and restrict it to the individuals needing to be tested.. I have been trying for 12 months to get a test at Kingswood Bristol for my daughter. Its impossible, and grossly unfair.

  78. Comment by David posted on

    I have a question for the DVSA. I don't expect an answer but I'll be very happy if I get one.
    The question is this - if the measures you are introducing immediately succeed in stopping all of the bots and dodgy people making bookings then how long will it take for the driving test system to clear the backlog so that bookings can be obtained at a reasonable date? I’m assuming that you have some idea of the size of the backlog of people who want a test but can’t book one.
    This year? Next year? ….