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From today (Thursday 28 July 2016), you can opt-in to display your standards check grade on the ‘find your nearest driving instructor’ service on GOV.UK.

We want consumers to be able to make a more informed choice when they choose a driving instructor.

The ‘find your nearest driving instructor’ service was officially launched in July 2011. Since then, over 27,000 ADIs have signed up to appear on the service – around 67% of all ADIs on the register.

The use of this service among consumers has been steadily increasing too. It’s now viewed around 620 times a day. In June 2016, there were nearly 20,000 views of the service. This graph shows how this has increased over time.


What the service can display

The service displays your name, email, and phone number to learner drivers looking for driving lessons. It will also display if you’ve:

From today, you can choose whether or not you want your latest standards check grade to be displayed. It won’t appear until you update your profile to say that you want it to be published.

If you opt in, both your grade and standards check score will be published. If you haven’t had a new standards check grade yet, your previous check test grade will be shown.

When a user hovers over your grade, they’ll see an explanation of what your grade means. If you failed a standards check, it will show as ‘FAIL’.

You can also opt back out at any time.

The benefits of displaying commitment to CPD and the ADI code of practice

Choosing to display such information will help you to market your business more effectively to potential consumers; so that they can make a more informed choice before starting the learning process.

Committing to CPD is voluntary. It can help you keep your skills up to date, and you can choose how you do it – from developing your business skills and attending formal courses, to attending local or national meetings or seminars.

Choosing to show that you’re adhering to the voluntary ADI code of practice lets consumers see that you’ve agreed to operate within an agreed framework.

How to update your profile

  1. Go to the service to update your ADI registration
  2. Sign in with your user ID and password.
  3. Tick the box to show you are committed to a minimum period of CPD per year (optional).
  4. Tick the box to show that you agree to abide by the ADI Code of Practice (optional).
  5. Tick the box if you would like your latest standards check grade published (optional).
What you will expect to find on-screen
What you will expect to find on-screen

The updates to your details will take place overnight and display the following day.

We’ll be raising awareness with learner drivers about this after a few weeks, so that you have time to opt-in first.

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  1. Mohammad Parazhang

    It's fantastic so happy to know that's great

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  2. Steve griffiths

    If you want to do this to instructors will we be able to see the best examiners pass and fail rates?

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  3. Chris Higgs

    Might this be opened to post-test motorcycle trainers to support the ERS OR other RPMT schemes?

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  4. Jacquelina Dunn

    My score sheet was not added up accurately. Under valuing my score. . I was told it doesn't matter As I passed. It surely does matter.

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  5. Ian Fido

    It's a very good idea.
    I've opted in already!

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  6. Martin Wright

    I think the grade only tells the consumer one very small part about the Instructor as it is a one hour snapshot of a performance under pressure, once every few years. It doesn't cover timeliness, reliability, ongoing professionalism, good character, nice personality, easy to get on with etc. Best way to get a good Instructor is by recommendations, not on a government website.

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  7. Martin Spindlow

    Can we have this display our actual score in points as well as grade as there is a lot of variation in score in a grade A or B... Surely people would like to see if some one just missed a grade A or scraped through and only just achieved their grade B

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  8. Adrian Tenan

    There are only two grades that really matter.
    Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.
    There are a multitude of variables that can make a comparison of grades misleading and worthless.
    The Driving Test Examiners trully know from day to day who the quality instructors are.

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  9. John Clark

    A good idea and one that "good" Driving Instructors have been wanting to see publishes for years.There will be resistance from the industry ,but pupils need to see the truth .So many times Driving Istructors have put in their advertising Grade 6 ,excellent pass rate ,when both of these statements are miles from the truth.And comments from Driving Instructors ,to a good grade instructor of " Oh you must have been lucky that day " etc

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  10. Mike Dixon

    If you work hard towards optioning that grade then why shouldn't you put it out there, you earned it on the day and there are plenty of genuine ADIs who take pride in their job.

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