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DVSA trade marks enhance the commercial value and reputation of our organisation and brand. As DVSA’s intellectual property manager, I would like to advise you of best practice if you want to use them.

What we use trade marks for

We use trade marks on our products to promote them, show ownership and indicate quality.

Our logos are trade marks.

As they’re valuable to us, we’ve added extra legal protection by getting some of them registered. This helps us guard our intellectual property in actions against infringers, who might try to misuse them.

What our registered trade marks include


  • Pass Plus
  • register of post-test motorcycle trainers
  • enhanced rider scheme
  • Driver CPC
  • pre-2012 corporate VOSA and DSA


The DVSA corporate logo isn’t registered as a trade mark, but it has special protection from misuse because it incorporates the Royal Coat of Arms. It can be a criminal offence to misuse this.

Different rules for different logos

The rules for using our logos  vary. Factors include:

  • your eligibility to use a logo
  • where you can use it (e.g.  DVSA corporate logo should not be displayed on a vehicle, but can go on your website)
  • whether to display a textual strapline below a logo (e.g. a strapline is usually needed with the DVSA corporate logo)

Eligibility to use specific logos

You may be eligible to use the DVSA corporate logo with a strapline if you’re a:

You may be eligible to use the Pass Plus logo if you’re an ADI on the register of Pass Plus instructors.

You may be eligible to use the RPMT and ERS logos if you’re a motorcycle trainer on the register of post-test motorcycle trainers.

You may be eligible to use the Driver CPC logo with a strapline if you’re a training centre or body that has been approved to deliver periodic training.

Read our guide to learn more about our logo usage eligibility rules.

How to apply to use a DVSA logo

If you think you’re eligible to use one of our logos, you’ll need to:

Once we receive it, we’ll check it and then aim to get back to you within 10 working days. If we approve your application, we’ll send you the logo files to use. If your application is unsuccessful, we’ll let you know why.

How to report misuse of DVSA trade marks

We pursue people who misuse a DVSA trade mark. Such misuse can include falsely claiming ‘endorsement’ or an association which doesn’t exist.

We know that the majority of you who use our trade marks do so properly, and stopping trade mark misuse will benefit all legitimate users.

So if you see or suspect misuse of a DVSA trade mark, please tell us


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  1. Comment by James Pickavant posted on

    Hi I already have permission to use the logo DSA on my stationary and adverts do I need to apply to use the new DVSA logo?

  2. Comment by Alan Lloyd posted on

    Hi Mr Pickavant. You're right to consider replacing your DSA logo with the DVSA logo, as of course DSA merged with VOSA to form DVSA in early 2014, so the DVSA logo represents the new organisation. Read the guide at and complete and return the application form from that web page. We'll then be in touch.